The eBook that you Really Want


You’ve worked hard and you’ve written a really great story. Or novel. Or manual. Or even catalog. It’s exactly how you want it.

Ready to be Read

You’re ready to release it to the world and let it be read. You want it to be a beautiful eBook to match your great manuscript.

eBooks Crafted with Love

We don’t do mechanical conversions, we hand-craft eBooks with love & passion. That is our real secret. We’re doing what we love.

A Little About eBook-Builders

We grew up loving to read. We voraciously devoured books, magazines and newspapers. We have collections of hundreds of books. When we were kids we read after “lights out” underneath the covers with a flashlight. As we grew up we found ourselves reading on buses, subways, and airplanes, on the beach on vacation and just sitting in a favorite chair at the end of a long day. We think the invention of the tablet was one of the greatest things ever, and so we filled up our tablets with eBooks.

In addition to being book lovers, we are designers, editors, audio editors, video editors, programmers, and marketers. We looked around and saw the eBook standards had opened up and allowed authors to use all kinds of media to create their works. And that got us excited. We decided to open to help writers create the eBooks they really wanted to make and that we really wanted to read. Let us help you build the eBook that you have really wanted all along but couldn’t get elsewhere.

One Book, One Team

Writers and Readers. The two halves of a book, at least that’s the way it is ideally. The unacknowledged third party in the creation of a book has always been the publisher who was responsible for getting the book into print. Now with the skyrocketing amount of self-publishing, the writer has frequently become the publisher too. That works just fine if you want to do both jobs. But if you’re just trying to write and don’t want to do your own eBook production, don’t want to lay in images, don’t want to build a TOC (table of contents) and especially don’t want to have to fool around with metadata let us help. At the very least, you need a fresh set of eyes to proofread your work.

That’s what we do. eBook-Builders is your production team.

We take your manuscript, your images, your other media, and we handcraft what you’ve been imagining, into the eBook you REALLY want. We build your eBook from the ground up.