About Us

eBook-Builders has been around since 2016. We started as the production group for The Pulp Fiction Book Store where we (to date in December, 2022) have produced over 300 ebooks. We have proofread them all from scanned and OCRed images of the original magazines, and then produced both .epub and .mobi files for them to sell.

As the technology has progressed over the years we have progressed also. We have followed the progression of .epub versions and now we exclusively produce .epub 3.2. We have ceased to build .mobi files because Amazon has made them obsolete and now recommends submitting .epub files for their KDP program. However, we can also produce .kpf files for Kindle on request.

You can go to the Free Downloads page at the The Pulp Fiction Book Store to get some samples of our work.

We are frequently asked about the pricing of our services. We generally fall into the median of the price ranges that you’ll see at the Editorial Rates page of the Editorial Freelancers Association. We will let you know if your project is going to take us outside of that price range.

We are happy to work on your fiction, and general non-fiction projects, including history and general science. We do not work on any legal, medical or hard science projects because we cannot guarantee our work in specialized technical fields. Ask us in the form below if you have any questions.

Now, please tell us about you and your project.